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Working in law enforcement is both extremely rewarding and demanding. I have always said when you work in law enforcement you give a piece of your soul away. After many years of service, the stress of events seen and heard takes its toll and a different person emerges. Probably one of the first things you were taught in the academy was "you are going to change." There are real reasons for these changes, but these reasons are rarely discussed. Reasons that, if understood, can be managed, and will allow you to create a balanced and fulfilled life.

Those working in law enforcement must be vigilant every minute while on duty in order to ensure their safety (otherwise known as officer safety). Officers stay in this alert mode during their entire shift and when it is time to go home, the opposite reaction kicks in and there is a drop to the other extreme. In this stage officers often isolate themselves and want to be left alone (sitting in the magical chair with a remote in one hand and a beer in the other is often indicative of this stage). Over time hobbies are forgotten, physical health declines and family relationships deteriorate. Simply put, life becomes unsatisfying! Sound familiar? I am here to tell you that there are ways to combat this cycle. I have faced this cycle and learned how to turn my life around!

I have made it my mission to work with those in law enforcement. I work solely with police officers, federal agents, probation officers, and corrections officers. My passion is working with those who have unselfishly dedicated their lives to helping others.

By focusing on comprehensive areas, such as nutrition, exercise, career, relationships, finances, and sleep, you will create your ideal future. I am certain we can work together and develop a plan to increase performance and optimize your life.

Stay safe & watch your six!
Jennifer Gastelum