About Jennifer

Jennifer is a true desert rat, being born and raised in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona metro area. She received a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Arizona and a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University. Her entire career has been spent working in law enforcement and she has been employed as a probation officer in the Southwest since 2002. She is a weapon qualified officer and has served as a defensive tactics instructor. She is married to a veteran police officer who has served on patrol, the community action team, and as a SWAT operator. Her free time is spent training for long-distance cycling races, mud runs, and being active with her family, and our three dogs.

In 2017 I started my health journey weighing nearly 200 pounds! I was overwhelmed with life and was miserable. My transformation has been a roller coaster with many ups and downs. In 2018, being down 30 pounds, I felt better but still had many self-sabotaging behaviors. It was not until I read the book Emotional Survival by Dr. Gilmartin that I started to understand how I ended up unhappy and unhealthy. It was then that I understood law enforcement officers face unique challenges that can create negative side effects in their lives. After I realized why I struggled, I was able to make changes to become a happier and healthier person. This realization allowed me to understand that it was not just me, but law enforcement officers in general, who face the same struggles and demands that are unique to our profession. While police, federal agents, corrections officers, and probation officers may face different job duties, they do share the commonality that their careers can have a major impact on their personal lives.

I once read that not everyone is built to work with law enforcement. My first reaction was to laugh and think no sh**. I feel there are a few prerequisites that will make a successful coach for law enforcement: transparency, humor, and familiarity with the law enforcement culture. I can say I fit the bill on all three counts. I treat my life as an open book. I share my failures and successes, alike, in hopes, it would save others from making similar mistakes. I have a wicked sense of humor because if I did not laugh at many of the things I see and hear, I would go crazy and I am also familiar with the culture due to my work as a probation officer and being married to a police officer.

You might be thinking, "you are a probation officer, that is not law enforcement." During my tenure as a probation officer, I have affected thousands of arrests, had all types of weapons pulled on me and my partners (in 2020 we even had an officer-involved shooting), been involved in numerous physical fights, been spit on, sustained 3 concussions at work, I have held someone while they took their last breaths...to name just a few. While I am aware I do not have the same duties as a police officer, I deal with the same criminal element and share many of the same everyday stressors.

I completed my life coaching certification in 2014 with International Coach Academy and health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2020. I enjoy writing and am a contributing author for PoliceOne.com.

My passion is working with my clients to develop a personalized plan to increase performance and optimize their lives. I will help you put the power back in YOUR hands to help you create your best life!